Tyrone Tudehope

Implement applyAtStart/applyAtEnd

  • 23/06/2019 - Published

The Popmotion Pose API includes the applyAtStart and applyAtEnd configuration options. These config options are useful for setting properties on elements which cannot normally be animated such as the display CSS attribute. However, Popmotion Pure does not have similar config that I can find.

This functionality can be replicated using chained actions. In a chain of actions, we can add our own custom Action which will return the properties to apply to our element:

Loop forever
  action(({update, complete}) => {    // applyAtStart    update({display: 'inline-block'})    complete()  }),  tween({...}),
  action(({update, complete}) => {    // applyAtEnd    update({display: 'none'})    complete()  }),)

The action function accepts an init function which is passed update, complete and error functions. Update will update the underlying observable with whatever data we provide it. update can be called as many times as you like, until complete() is called. At that point, the next item in the chain will start.

In this example, we’re setting display: inline-block when the animation starts, and display: none when the animation ends:

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